Competence and training

V6 pistonsI suggest to anyone contemplating choosing a repair workshop to not only question pricing but competence, equipment levels and training.

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Staff often receives little or no training after a basic Young Apprentice Scheme and with no in house training from anyone competent. In most cases they learn small amounts by mistakes, misguided advice or internet forums. My faith is in certain training bodies and qualifications that have to be renewed on a regular basis such as the Institute of the Motor Industry scheme. To find a garage in your area with a qualified technician see this web address

Training courses to date

We believe that the workshop offers competence and equipment that cannot be equalled in the area at a cost few are willing to match.
We also understand that without in depth vehicle communications we would miss a valuable opportunity to diagnose faults first time. Also referrals from other workshops suggest regular misinterpretation of fault codes, and random replacement of parts. We add experience and in-depth testing to correctly diagnose and repair.

Owner John Kyte has undertaken the following courses, which he passes on as a proactive, ongoing training programme for all of our staff.

Bosch Training

Bosch Training Regional Training

  • Fuel Injection K-Jetronic (2000)
  • Fuel Injection  L-Jetronic  (2001)
  • VE/EDC Diesel Injection (2004)
  • SRS & Body Control Systems (2004)

Run at Bosch Headquarters Denham

  • VSC13 Advanced ABS & Electronic Stability Control   12/2010 Pass
  • VSG17 Advanced Petrol Engine Emissions Analysis & OBD   03/2011 Pass
  • VSG14 Advanced Engine Management and System Controls   04/2011  Merit

For the future I intend to attend the complete series of Master Technician courses at Bosch headquarters in Denham.

MasterTech, Institute of the Motor Industry Approved

  • Air Bag & SRS (1998)
  • Vehicle Electrics & Electronics (1998)
  • Automotive Air Conditioning (1998)
  • ABS & ASR
  • General Diagnostic Procedures & Ignition Systems (1998)
  • Diesel Injection (1998)
  • Electronic Petrol Injection & Engine Management (1998)

Protraining / Blueprint

  • Hybrid Vehicles (IMI level 2 Qualification)


  • Diagnostic Skills & Problem Solving

Fuel Injection Services (Frank Massey Technical Guru)

  • Vehicle Electronic Diagnostics (1999)
  • Oscilloscope Training (2001)
  • Advanced Diagnostics VAG-Com (VCDS)
  • VAG Diagnostic Platform (2003)

James Dillon (Tech Topics)

  • Common Rail Diagnostics
  • CAN BUS Practical Diagnostics
  • Advanced Oscilloscope 04/2011


Adult Qualifications

  • Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry  MIMI  9905068
  • Master Technician  (Accredited Light Vehicle Technician)  AT1803087958
  • (5year renewable qualification) Not usually found in independent workshops.
  • City & Guilds Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning 604801 Level 3 Certificate in Mobile Air Conditioning System (MAC  2010)
  • CITB  Air Conditioning (2006)
  • IMI Hybrid Vehicles level 2 (2011)

Apprentice Qualifications

  • Road Transport Training Board
  • City & Guilds Motor Vehicle Light Vehicle Technician Part 1 (1976)
  • City & Guilds Light Vehicle Mechanic Craft Studies (1977)
  • City & Guilds Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Craft Studies (1977)

Competitions / Awards

  • Autotrade Technician Winner 1999
  • Top Technician Finalist 2004
  • Champion Bright Spark Finalist 2004
  • Champion Bright Spark Finalist 2005
  • Champion Bright Spark Runner Up 2006

As you can see, our experience, technical expertise and know-how is unrivalled in the Devizes and larger Wiltshire area. To take advantage of the best car servicing in the area, contact us to arrange a service.